An Outdoor Classroom Dedicated to Pollinators & Low Water Landscaping

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Located near the coner of 48th and Holdredge Street on the Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln's East Campus, this garden was started in spring of 2015 and is a collaborative project to demonstrate a relatively new way of landscaping.  Through the slection of low water use plants and pollinator food plants a low input and sustainable landscapecape can be achived.  With goal to inspire ideas of plant choices and garden design for use in anyone's lawn or acreage.
The Outdoor Classroom and Pollinator Plot is stiving for having the best of both worlds: A pollinator garden to support bees and other pollinators to promote a healthy ecosystem using xericape plants that provide food and shelter for pollinators while using little to no supplemental water.

Outdoor Classroom and Pollinator Garden Photos:
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Maps, Desgins, and Plant Guide to the Outdoor Classroom and Pollinator Garden: